Dr. Sanda Moldovan

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Your mouth is the gateway to your health.

January 22

What’s the Redness at the Corners of My Mouth, Doc?

Not only I hear this question from my patients, but I also see it and people everywhere I go: the cashier at checkout counter, my friend’s two-year-old baby, my neighbors 80-year-old mom. It can affect everyone. But what does it really mean? Your mouth tells us the story of what’s going on inside of you.

January 7

Here’s To A Healthier, New You!

Many of us have New Year’s resolutions for different reasons: we want a job that pays more, we want to lose weight, perhaps quit smoking. Unfortunately, many of these resolutions are forgotten at the end of January already. Some of us don’t even make it that far! One important thing in making the resolutions stick,