Dr. Sanda Moldovan

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February 21

Ozone – A Revolutionary Treatment in Dentistry

Many of you may think of Ozone as the layer of gas found high in the atmosphere. It also has many different uses, for disinfecting our water supply, for keeping the Jacuzzi water clean, and also for bleaching. But let’s focus on it’s amazing ability to help our bodies stay free of disease-causing pathogens. Ozone

February 6

Maximizing the Well-Being of Our Patients through Nutrition

We are facing an epidemic of chronic inflammation, not only in United States, but globally. Chronic inflammation can be manifested in many different ways: cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, or periodontitis, cavities and oral ulcers, to name a few. As a periodontist, I know that inflammation of the gums or ulcerations are